Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio DoorsPremier Sliding Patio Doors by UniFrame are an asset to any home, adding a touch of style and class that enhances the home's visual appeal. Beautiful inside and out.

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations - including 5-, 6- and 8-foot, two-panel widths and 9- and 12-foot three-panel widths.
  • Beautiful glass styles to complement and enhance any decor or architectural style.
  • Optional brass keylock adds beauty and convenience by allowing you to use your sliding patio door as a primary entrance door.
Engineered for energy efficiency.
  • We combine fusion-welding, heavy-duty weatherstripping and full one-inch thick insulated glass to create a tight, energy efficient sliding patio door.
  • Our Hi R+Plus multi-layer vacuum-deposition soft-coat Low-E glass series allows you to choose from among the best insulating glass systems available.
Built for maximum security.
  • Unique three-point locking system offers more resistance to forced entry than sliding patio doors with a single lock.
  • With one turn, heavy tempered steel rods lock the door securely at the head and sill while a tempered steel L-shaped hook secures the door at the jamb.
Designed for maintenance freedom.
  • Extra thick uiPVC has color that's solid painting or scraping - ever.
  • Decorator grids are within the insulated glass unit - so glass cleaning is easier.
Performance guaranteed to last.
  • Wide styles and rails are designed with thick walls and multi-chambers to add strength and increase thermal performance.
  • Full perimeter, high performance weather-stripping.
  • Custom fit interlock system provides extra protection against air infiltration for enhanced energy performance.
  • Our doors glide on tandem steel rollers and provide smooth and effortless operation, no matter how many times they are opened and closed.
  • A heavy-duty fiberglass sill with a
    Energy Star EPA
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