Vinyl Siding

Vinyl SidingRemodel America is the authority on insulated vinyl siding in the Milwaukee area. New replacement windows and vinyl siding for your home, is a large investment and we'll help you do it right from start to finish while offering the best prices in the greater Milwaukee area. Our Replacement Windows and Vinyl Siding are the finest in the industry and come with a lifetime guarantee. New insulated vinyl siding can provide a significant R-value to your home, while lowering maintenance and clean time! Our insulated vinyl siding is durable, beautiful, and virtually maintenance free adding comfort and value to your home.

Vinyl Siding:
Remodel America's insulated vinyl siding features an unprecedented 4R Value. 1R Value is equivalent to the insulation value of 1 inch of wood. With Remodel America you are essentially sealing your home with as much insulation as 4 inches of wood. Our insulated vinyl siding will work to quiet your home from external nuisances. Its noise reduction properties are approximately 45% greater than plain vinyl siding. And its rigid core backing absorbs and breaks down sound. This noise canceling technology will allow you to live in quiet comfort. Remodel America's insulated vinyl siding composite construction provides for extreme strength, it has proven 300% stronger than vinyl siding. Our advanced technology also provides superb resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations. It maintains the same strength regardless of temperature, making it ideal for your home application. Whatever your design requirements, Remodel America has newer, better and more attractive options for you. Sixteen Decorator colors with Lifetime Fade and Hail protection (see Warranty for details) and eight premium colors protected by COLORHOLD® capping resins. A low gloss finish replicates the look and feel of wood, without the constant upkeep and routine maintenance. Our insulated vinyl siding looks and feels like wood, lies flat on the wall with tight seams. Remodel America's insulated vinyl siding foam insulation is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, and your energy consumption will decrease a minimum of 20% each year by installing Remodel America's insulated vinyl siding! (based on third party independent testing). Not only is our foam treated with a fire retardant chemical and will not support combustion it's treated with Borate, a termite resistant additive that is safe to humans and pets, for added peace of mind for you and your family for years to come.

Remodel America's insulated vinyl siding is durable, beautiful, and virtually maintenance free, adding value and comfort to your home.

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